TSA waste

TSA Waste
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I was Robbed in Christmastime

I for lack of a better word was robbed. here’s the story. I and my best friend went to go see star wars and we loved it. except for the end.  We went to the car in the parking lot and the window on my side was broken so I instantly felt guilty. my friend and I made it a tradition to get each other something for Christmas so we did. I looked back and I think I spent at least $30 on him. one of the gifts was a scarf. anyway, he got me equal value gifts (i paid for the movie) I left my phone and thought I had it. I rang it several times with Alex’s phone on a service called find my iPhone. This rings it for maybe 4 minutes. remember the phone was in my seat in a black case. we come back, everything is gone except my backpack and phone. the window was smashed and my seat was folded and pushed forward so he got to the trunk. the insurance company said they will pay for my window and most of the done damage.  Its hard to explain, but Alex saved my phone, bag, and insulin. My insulin is safe. we are unharmed, Merry Christmas, Deutschland Uber Alles.

How to Properly Pour Beer from a Bottle/Can/Tap

Anderberg, Jeremy. “How to Properly Pour Beer | How to Pour Guinness.” The Art of Manliness, Jeremy Anderberg, 17 Mar. 2014, www.artofmanliness.com/2014/03/17/how-to-properly-pour-beer/.

Jeremy Anderberg | March 17, 2014 Artofmanliness.com

How to Properly Pour Beer from a Bottle/Can/Tap

The process for pouring beer into a pint glass is the same whether you’re doing it from a bottle, a can, or a tap. It’s also the same no matter the style of glass. Keep in mind that the process may vary slightly depending on the carbonation of the beer. India Pale Ales and Belgians will be a bit foamier than stouts or porters, so adjust accordingly to always get that perfect “head” (the foam on top).

1. Hold the Glass at 45 Degrees 

man pouring beer into pint glass

Make sure you have a clean glass, and hold it at a 45-degree angle while pouring.

2. Pour Beer at Midpoint of the Glass

man pouring beer into pint glass

Begin to pour your beer, and aim for about halfway down the glass. Don’t be shy; if you’re too slow, you’ll end up with no head, and none of those wonderful aromas that enhance the flavor.

3. Tilt Glass Upright as You Reach the Halfway Point

man pouring beer into pint glass

When you tilt the glass upright, you’ll notice the head start to form.

4. Finish Pouring with 1/2-inch to 1 1/2-inch Head man pouring beer into pint glass

man pouring beer into pint glass

The head had already mellowed a little by the time we took this picture, but you’ll notice it’s right at about half an inch. Anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half of head is perfect.

5. Too Much

man pouring beer into pint glass

If there’s too much head, you’ve poured too quickly, or not at your correct angle. If there’s no head atop the beer, you’ve poured too slowly or at too steep an angle without tilting it upright.


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I bike.

IMG_2227Just about every day for the last two months, I have been riding my bike in the mornings, the evenings, and with friends. I usually go to the 7 eleven down the street. I find biking a fun hobby. I’m fascinated by the way I can go anywhere and not have to be 16 or have a license. Unlike credit cards, this is one of those freedoms you can get but still have to earn anytime. It doesn’t cost a dime to ride as well! There’s a couple rules but it’s the ultimate transportation. The hover board? Not street legal, stupid, slow, can’t go up hills, must be charged, and can’t be locked. In conclusion… I like bikes and especially my bike!

Well, were here…. No what?

Its here. Summer. I plan to go to Maui towards the end of summer and want to spend time with friends. Other than that now, I’ve just gone through probably the hardest thing ever. 7th Grade. Also it was hard because my rights as a diabetic under sec.504 were infringed, questioned, and bullied for these accommodations. just the accommodations would get me bullied. For example, I have to have my phone on my and it cant get confiscated. honestly, I don’t want these rights. I just want to be a normally treated person. I KNOW there are some people here who are like, “Don’t take that for Granite!” or, “Why is that bad? You Keep your phone!” well I get behind all the time. My teachers ask a million questions or just try to get to my mom for whatever reason. I will be late for being hypoglycemic and not get an EXCUSED tardy. If anything guys who are entering middle school, you have the upper hand. Just keep your head low and stay humble BUT, keep true to yourself. Also, don’t kill cats, it APPARENTLY doesn’t have a good mark on a resume